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Oberlausitzhaus - Holiday house in winter

Oberlausitzhaus - holiday house in summer

Oberlausitzhaus - Vacation home in Lückendorf

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

- George A. Moore -

Welcome to the Oberlausitzhaus - in the middle of the Zittau Mountains The Oberlausitzhaus is located high in the mountains in Lückendorf. Lückendorf is located in the Zittau Mountains in Upper Lusatia. It is a picturesque, quiet mountain landscape. The Oberlausitzhaus with its holiday apartment is located directly in the border triangle of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. It offers simple and comfortable accommodation for singles, couples and families. Adventurers and backpackers also appreciate the atmosphere of this accommodation. The Oberlausitzhaus with its holiday apartment has been in Lückendorf for well over a hundred years and is one of the oldest houses in town. Its proximity to the Czech Republic and Poland leaves many opportunities open to discover the Zittau Mountains and the neighboring mountain ranges in the Czech Republic and Poland. The tri-border region offers variety. There are many small rustic restaurants and pubs with delicacies on the menu in the vicinity of the holiday apartment in the Oberlausitzhaus. Friends of culture and history will be delighted by a large number of small castles on both sides of the border. Various lakes and leisure pools in the Zittau Mountains provide bathing fun. There are various small festivals and events throughout the year. One of them is the Lückendorf hill race. In the meantime, drivers and spectators across Europe are coming to Lückendorf for this occasion and find suitable accommodation in the holiday apartment in the Oberlausitzhaus.

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